If you are new to blogging or even if you’re not there’s always something to learn and the next thing to figure out. I know myself my learn for blogging bucket list is quite long. Literally,  I learn something EVERYDAY. That’s Tip! 😉

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Never Stop Learning

Seriously no matter how advanced or how many followers and page views you have, you will never stop learning. So don’t put up some magical wall when you think you’ve reached your peak because you haven’t keep learning. Even if it’s to learn how to teach people how to blog. {Yeah I said that}


Focus on your pageviews first, and by that I don’t mean stare at your analytics… but I do mean first – before you try to make money from your blog or really anything else, make sure your page views are where they need to be. You can do this by making a Facebook or Twitter page just for your blog, but more importantly by creating quality content and posting consistently. This post gives 10 super simple tips to watch your numbers grow.

Systems & Tracking

I can’t stress enough how I wish I had put systems of how I do things and platforms where I track things. I’ve had to play the catch-up game so if you are new – start them now. Some of the apps I use to save time in tracking and I recommend them for life and blog business, but strictly for blogging my favorites are:
-LifeTick {for goals}
-Wave {more for my VA Business}
Freshbooks {more for my VA Business}


You will want to get a domain and self-host with WordPress. If you are just starting out, I recommend buying your domain from goDaddy, that’s where I don’t even what to tell you how many I own. 😉

You will want to host your domain though MomWebs, especially if you are unhappy with your current hosting provider. I have had the best luck with them, and they are actually affordable and easy to work with. Anytime I’ve ever had a question {no matter how dumb} they are happy to help and stick with me with me till I understand it. Click their logo below to check them out.

THIS IS MY ONLY BLOGGING REGRET!! I didn’t give WordPress a thought… I feel like I would be much further ahead of the blogging game and if I would have just started there {at least with my domain}. If you’re just starting out or even if you’re a seasoned blogger I recommend hosting with MomWebs


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Yes, another tracking/organizing tool. I thought it was dumb when I heard it too! BUT once I got everything indexed {if that’s a word}, it saves me massive time. No more wondering, scrolling and searching calendars, and lists. Start it now if you are new, if you’re established I recommend setting 30 minutes a few times a week aside and set it up, OR you can hire a VA to do it.One of my blogging role models, Danielle, wrote about blog indexing and why you need one. Which is what inspired me in the first place.

Example Blog Index
This is an example.. When I do them now the look a bit different and pending on what all you are going to use it for you can customize to fit your needs!!!

Index your site WITH GOOGLE

You might think that since you’re a blogger that has already happened {I know I did}… WRONG. Google only recognizes you for what it wants to, you need to get in there {on the back end}, see what they are doing and take steps to index yourself better. If you see what they already have you as you can build on that, one of the most important things you can do for your SEO ranking. If your interested in getting this done for you {cause it’s not hard but complex} just click here and email me!!


You need one, you want one… make sure you use it for your blog too!! My traffic has grown tremendously since using Pinterest more regularly consistently.

What's Important when running a blog


Along with making sure you have awesome pinnable images you need not forget to work in the background of your images. What do I mean? Change the names of your images, in WordPress. What you name a picture comes back to get you; when you pin it from your post. I still have some old posts I need to fix. So start from the beginning and title  and alternate text every picture. Sizing is also important I do 3 every time I make an image or I at least would like to in a perfect world},  sometimes that means making 1 – 2 separate images, and more than often it mean resizing and cropping the original.
Pinnable Image: 650×975 {The first image in my post}
Facebook Image: {Uploaded into the Yoast SEO plugin}
Feature Image: 650×650. This doesn’t matter so much, but be sure whatever size you pick you – make ALL your feature images that size. If you aren’t sure what and why you would need a feature image, you probably aren’t on WordPress, that’s okay. When you convert you will LOVE IT!
– And more recently I make at least one Long Pinterest image, long Pins stick out much better than the normal triangle.

Don’t be afraid to ask

You might think it’s stupid, but no question should go unanswered; especially if you have a person you turn to. This goes with never stop learning. Maybe this should be its own point but NETWORK. I can’t stress enough how important this is, while you are doing so you will create contacts, friends, and sometimes these people turn into a lot more; life business partners :)While you are networking you will learn the answers to a lot of your un-asked questions, and you will most likely find the person that you know will have the answer. So make sure you have your blogging friends on your Facebook Page.

Have fun

The minute you stop totally loving your online blogging time is the time you need to give it up, or at least take a break. If you dread your tasks now, working through them, could possibly ruin your love for blogging forever. If you need to step away and don’t want to lose what you’ve built try hiring a VA to do some tasks you are up in arms with, free up some of your time by having some guest posts, I’ve done that several times with my sites through the years.

What’s your #1 thing you wish you knew from day one of blogging?