What does every business owner and blogger have in common? There is never enough time in the day, days in the week or months in the year. Time is the most precious gift anyone can give. Have you reached the point of having too much to do in the time you have to do it? What can you do about it? Hire a Virtual Assistant, they do more than one would think, so I thought I would share my list. Here are 80+ tasks your Virtual Assistant can do for you.

Social Media Management

Set up profiles on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Maintain social media accounts

Set up blogs

Maintain blogs

Research and ghostwrite blog posts

Coaching and Training

Create audio or online classes of training materials

Create manuals for training classes

Create PowerPoint or other presentation materials

Manage subscription lists

Send email reminders about upcoming events to client base

Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing

Create Business Cards

Create Graphics

Create Letterhead

Create Logos

Create Notecards

Creates Postcards

Design Book Covers

Tasks a Virtual Assistant can do for you

Writing Services


Arrange Book Tour

Create an e-Book Website

Edit and Proofread Various Writings

Format e-book

Locate Publishers

Manage sales of e-books

Organize content of e-book

Organize Writing Content

Proofread e-book

Publish e-book

Real Estate Support

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Confirmations

Create and Distribute Brochures

Create and Distribute Bulk Mailings

Send Birthday/Anniversary Acknowledgements {Real Cards}

Send Welcome, Congratulations  & Closing Gifts

Finance and Accounting

Act as bookkeeper

Balance checkbook

Check credit reports

Pay bills

Process PayPal transactions

Pursue collections on behalf

Event Planning

Book locations for event

Create online and paper invitations for event

Design and prepare name badges/name labels

Invite speakers

Virtual Assistant’s Care About Your Blog & Time

I know myself, pride in what I do, and look at my client’s blog as if they were my own. I come up with new I ideas and help with old ones when I see that I can. I love to see my clients making money while they are sleeping {don’t we all }. 

More than 80 tasks a Project manager can do for you