Hi there. Amanda here!

Virtually Amanda Long {dot} com is where I hope to inspire you to follow your dreams, grow your blog and manage your life… I’m in the process of switching things up to introduce more resources to my audience. I would love to hear what you struggle with most, so I can help you out. Email me here: amanda@virtuallyamandalong.com
I’m also a Website and Project Manager, Virtual Assistant & Coach to bloggers in all stages. I keep all my info here on this site.
I’m very passionate about using time we are give wisely, and love to fuel my productivity and your’s.

If you want to quickly get your content in front of more readers I have a quick list of 10 tasks you can do in 30 minutes or LESS, you can find it here or sign up below!

I truly look forward to connecting with you here!

A little bit more about me personally:

Sometimes when you’re a blogger you wonder if you are really painting a good picture about how your life really is. I want to be sure to do that here, I want to encourage you to keep striving for God’s best and thrive in your everyday life {and of course your blog}.

  • I was born & raised in small town Pennsylvania on a very small farm.
  • I’m a planner mom {business women/blogger}, without my plan or time to plan I’m lost!
  • If I could have a superpower it would be speed. Do you watch the Flash? Together, my husband and I do, and I want to be as fast as the Flash to really go after my house work. I like doing it, but it takes so much time. If I had speed I could get it done and still have time to relax {LOL, #dreams right? }
  • When asked to list my best personally traits I said: Determined. Creative. Organized
  • And worse?:  Impatient, Determined, All or nothing {yes I know I repeated myself}
  • My favorite song {at the moment}: “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family
  • I’m working my dream job!
  • A lot of people don’t know this but, I suffer with anxiety, and at times when I talk my anxiety talks and I don’t even show up to the party {if you know what I mean}. This is why before making a huge decision I think about it for at least 30 hours. Anxiety doesn’t get me down, because I’ve learned to rise above the struggles and deal with it. I’m able to do this because of the power of God in my life, and find myself thankful for my flaws… Without them I might think I don’t need God… And I do !
  • I became a Virtual Assistant for bloggers after running a successful blog of my own for several years.
  • I love a organizing as well as launching and maintaining other sites and business operations! I find my happiness when I’m helping others reach their goals.
  • I take pride in what I do, and look at my client’s blog’s as if they were my own. I come up with new ideas and help with old ones when I can. For example, if you are a great writer, but not so great at formatting and seeing the big picture; I would edit your work turning it into a series or even a book.
  • My heart lives here in the blogosphere and I don’t think I could change that if I’ve tried.
  • I love to see my clients making money while they are sleeping {don’t we all}.
  • And above all I pride myself in finding ways to save time where I can. It’s the one thing we can’t get back !!!

I would love to hear from you, with questions about me, my business or just to say Hi!!! If you would like, you can contact me directly here.

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Kristin @Motherload Madness

I cannot sing the praises of Amanda as a world class Virtual Assistant enough - gold star, A+, top notch. Proof of Amanda's greatness as a Virtual Assistant is showcased in every communication with me - a new blogger who knows nothing about blogging. Her challenge to explain SEO strategy as well as identify other needs exclusive to my site are always prompt, clear, precise and professional.

I know if I send a question or concern her way, I will hear back from her in a timely manner with no stone un-turned. Her opinions are always spot on and her grasp of what readers want is excellent. On top of that her personality is terrific and I enjoy any chance I get to speak with her. Amanda takes my business as serious as I do but still edits with my voice making a post true to my style. She is a very organized and encouraging Website Manager and a trustworthy person. It has been a pleasure doing business with her and I hope to continue doing so for many years. More Testimonials

Kristin Writer/Owner, Motherload Madness January 15, 2017