Blogging has become a very important part of many people’s lives today. Everyone is welcome to blog about food, travel, hobbies, collections, books, movies, recreation and more. There are so many blogging platforms that you can choose from, depending on your needs as a blogger.

Blogging is used to increase online presence, reach an audience, provide unique content, and rank in search engines. No matter if you’re a business owner or simply a humble foodie, traveler, hobbyist, political analysts, medical professional or anything else in between, blogging is truly a wonderful way to communicate with a certain group of people who share the same interest with you.

However, even when it’s all simple to set up, maintaining a blog, can be too much to handle for some. The problem lies with not knowing how things work, from the blog site’s SEO to the methods by which you can monetize it.  It’s not easy, but by knowing what to do, {and what not to do} can help you avoid beginner blogging mistakes. This post has affiliate links

Being unwilling to invest

Spending money to get your blog off the ground is the first step to knowing that you are serious about your blog. Building your blog brand name {and you} is a step that needs to be taken seriously from day one in order for success to come with leaps and bounds. You need to invest in your site because you might have one thing in mind when you start but your dreams could evolve before too long. Being in control of your site is key.

Being a perfectionist

If you’ve known me for any length of time you know I’m a perfectionist {and I won’t even say a slight perfectionist}, I’m a full on crazy lady ! If something can’t be done and done RIGHT I will often just not do it at all. So at times people will come over to my house and think I’m the opposite of perfectionism… But the way I see it. ‘ I don’t have time to make it nice and perfect so why bother.’  Yep that’s me HUGE down fall on my part. {I’m recovering}.

When it comes to blogging and site editing I must have to let it go. And I’ve been doing better. For example, I’ve spelled a word wrong in the URL of my site, and I choose not to fix it… My old self would of fixed it and then went around and deleted all the shares, pins and more on the www. and changed the URL… But my new {older}, self said… ‘I’m not thinking anyone will notices except me.’

Publishing a post between good and perfect is just well perfect!!! It doesn’t get much better than that. The same with photo’s, no one is going to notice if the block you squared off perfectly matches the picture that you are blending it into. Make the words pop away from it and know that people will look at what pops. {Now that you know all my secrets}… 

Not Linking to Other Sites

Only talking about yourself is both not nice and annoying. However, it’s also not good for your SEO {search engine optimization} Even if your end goal is to make money, people don’t follow sites that have no class 😉

Not Answering Your Readers

Blog comments are something you should NOT take for granted. Comments are good for your SEO, as well and a great way to connect with your readers or future reader. How you would you like if you commented on someone’s blog {you were waiting on an answer}… and they never did.

Beginning Blogger Mistakes

Not Promoting

“Build it and they shall come.” Yeah NO that’s not how it works. You have to find a system and platform that works for you. Before I really started blogging I would have never guessed that this was the case… I thought set it up right, put up great content and ta-da you have an audience. NOPE that’s not how it works. I’ve found that since starting to treat my blog like a professional blogger, I spend just as much if not more time on social media than I do creating content. As a VA I work 100% in the background of my clients blog’s and trust me it’s a full time job.

And not preparing a weekly newsletter is a big one too! You readers signed up for exclusive content and they want to hear from you. If they change their minds they will unsubscribe. I love ConvertKit for my {and several of my clients} for newsletter services because it’s more like writing a letter to your best friend. Each content upgrade gets a form and the form gets a tag and the tag gets a sequence… If I just confused you I’m sorry but ConvertKit is like no other!!!

Anyway, don’t forget to promote your posts and yourself {meaning get to you know them on a personal level} to your newsletter list!!!

What newsletter services should I use for email marketing

Writing Fluff

This was a mistake I made at the very beginning of time, and I was called out on it by family members and friends… and I’m so thankful. I want to know you and you want to know me!!! That’s why we are here right {well at least one reason}. Writing stiff, fluffy and dull posts will not get your blog anywhere. Thanks Sister!! 😉

Write like you talk and like you act, paint the picture to your readers and even make a video just for your blog or newsletter is what readers really want to hear. I’ve gave up on editing {for the most part}, and I just type like I would want to read. {Are you liking it, let me know in the comments 😉 } And yes I talk with emoji’s in real life, sorry if it bothers you!

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Not Sharing Your Awesome

This was another mistake of mine in the very beginning! I thought I want my site to be THE BEST! SO I’ll just write the BEST stuff here… Wrong, when I’m guest posting I put ten times more energy and editing than I do here. Why? Because I’m for sure going to get in front of new people, it’s kind of like when you go to your husband’s company party for the first time… you want to be awesome and not have any of those weird or embarrassing moments!!! I’m sure you know what I mean. So go find where you want to be seen, guest post there and BE AWESOME!

Being Wishy Washy

Decide how many times you want to publish content to your blog and ACTUALLY STICKING TOO IT, is harder than it seems. But you must do it. Even if you have to do something like take a break {make sure you publish up some old content for at least your new readers to see}, and create. Then you will be able to get on a schedule to create, and STAY ahead. Write at least 2 articles in advance or have a article or two in the drafts for when life gets crazy. It’s easy to start a blog with 20 posts scheduled and before too long have nothing in que. Why? life gets busy.

For you to understand how to succeed in blogging, here’s an info graphic we made about the common errors that most new bloggers make. Pay attention to these mistakes, and try your best to avoid doing them.