Welcome to Day 9 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge today we are going to talk about the details and importance of blog images on your site.

Let’s talk blog images

Your blog is often the first thing new readers, prospects, and/clients see you and your online business and first impressions count. That means you need a well-designed and layout blog, great content, and pictures that draw you in and enhance your content. In other words, yes, your posts need images.

It doesn’t stop there. You want to keep encouraging your readers to come back and read more of your posts. Before that can happen, you need to catch their attention and draw them back in. It takes a while to build a loyal following of readers who will devour anything you write. Images will help draw them in again and again. In other words, yes, your posts need images.

We live in a very social and internet based world. One way to broaden your reach and grow the traffic to your blog is social media. Guess what captures attention on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. YES, it’s the images. Images make people click through to read your blog post, they give emotion to the post when you can’t {this is why video is doing so well these days}. That’s another post in itself!

A quick guide to images on your blog {a blogging challenge}

Getting Images

You have two options when it comes to getting images for your blog post. You can use your own pictures, or you can buy photos to use. Your best option for purchasing images is a stock photography site like Istockphoto.com, Depositphoto.com and Pixabay.com {my favorite} to name a few. You can find both free and paid stock photo sites. Get your images from somewhere and BE SURE you have the right to share them without credit! 

Formatting Images

How you format and size your pictures will depend on a few different things. The first is where and how you are displaying them in your blog post. Next, keep the different social media sites where you’re active in mind. Different sites prefer or convert better with different images sizes. Do a little research and come up with an image for each of your most important social media sites. Learn more about this by signing up for the email version of this challenge at the bottom of this post 😉 

Images and SEO

Last but not least, let’s not forget about SEO. The file name and the alt tag are both used to determine what the page (or post) the image is found on is about. Use this to your advantage by including your keywords.

There you have it. Start using images in your posts regularly. Play around with style and things like adding text and titles to your images until you find a winning combination for you, your blog, and your audience.
Once you have it! Create a template to save time blogging. I love Canva for this! It’s especially quick because you can make several images of different size with different text and for multiple audiences in minutes.

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