Have you ever wanted to find a blog post you know you wrote about a few years ago or even a few months ago, but can’t remember what it was called. Short of searching on the main site or dashboard there is no shorter way to find the link to share. This is when it’s important to have a blog index. Many bloggers don’t know what I mean when I say. Do you have your blog indexed? Today, I’m sharing why I’m so adamant about having a blog index!

What is a blog index?

We know an index is meant to guide us, a table of contents for our blog. Here is an example of a blog index.

Example Blog Index

Simple enough right?

Why do I need a blog index?

As a blogger, you work hard on each and every post, and want that post to be read, loved and shared. We want to help our blog succeed, and share value with our readers. Often times we work on our posts and let them sit, getting lost in the archives. A blog index allows you to always have the right post when needing to share it on Facebook, with a friend or in a comment that is calling for great articles on a certain subject. Even if you are just scheduling your social media or tracking what you have already shared. This is most commonly what I use the sites I manage indexes for!

Blog Index. What is it and why you should be without it!

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Is your blog indexed ?