10 things bloggers need to do MONTHLY {and especially quarterly}

You know as much as I, time fly’s by. If we are looking or not, each year is faster than the last, the months get faster each year, and the weeks go faster each day. I’m taken back how fast time goes now compared to before I had a child, especially before I had a child AND a blog business. Today, I want to share what blogger’s should be doing every quarter {and sometimes every month}.

I just finished my yearly tax appointment with my accountant, and it’s a painful reminder that more tracking needs to be done to really keep the blog and business up and running. I spend almost an entire day {off and on for 8 hours}, logging my expenses from last year. It was my fault for trusting a free online resource I shouldn’t of, and it totally messed up my expenses and well, everything. It was easier to just start over. And it was SO worth it. Through this experience, I learned of more tax write-off’s I wasn’t utilizing, and have a specific monthly and quarterly blogging list for myself.

Simple things each blogger should be doing monthly, but especially quarterly

  1. Access all business goals
  2. Set blogging goals
  3. Record all banking fees
  4. Record all income
  5. Record all expenses
  6. Balance your business blogging checking account
  7. File away all paper invoices etc.
  8. Save 20-30% of your income {or more}
  9. Follow up on unpaid invoices
  10. Generate a monthly or quarterly profit loss statement and CELEBRATE

10 things bloggers need to do MONTHLY {and especially quarterly}

Access all business goals

When you set your goals you want to believe that you will reach and exceed them. I know, we all do this! But the reality of the matter is, you might not want to. Time changes things and online business is not exempt from this fact.

If you must, totally scratch a goal, or move it to next quarter or even next year. Remember there’s not a blog book that was wrote just for you to manage your blog. It’s yours run it in a way that makes you happy.

Set {new} blogging goals

Especially if you scratched some, you might want to set new goals or adjust some. I’m always doing this. Every time I fold a load of clothes I seem to get a new idea about something. Last week, I asked my husband if we could get a nanny/maid so I could spend more time reaching my goals and less time worrying about the laundry and dishes. Talk about a GREAT IDEA right? 

Seriously, don’t be so hard on yourself if you need to change things up, but also don’t stop striving.

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Record all banking fees

PayPal, Stripe, Wave, Freshbooks {that’s an affiliate link but my favorite business tool, I’ve been using for years}, however you invoice, they take something. Don’t forget to claim it on your taxes. And don’t be like me and procrastinate so it takes hours upon hours to prepare any financial answers.

Record all income

You want to know what you are going to be celebrating, right? Plus, you don’t want be like me and procrastinate so it takes hours upon hours to prepare for quarterly reports and end of the year taxes.

Record all expenses

I know boring… But DO NOT be like me and procrastinate so it takes hours upon hours to prepare for quarterly reports and end of the year taxes. It wasn’t till I started using Freshbooks Accounting for EVERYTHING it is good for that it became easy. Seriously, you write it down in your checking account anyway {or if you don’t PayPal keeps that activity pick a date and do it once for the whole month}, just record it. It takes about 5 seconds 😉  I do mine every 7th of the month!

Freshbooks accounting for expense tracking for bloggers

Freshbooks is also a great time tracker, and that’s what I used it for first… But the expense are so streamlined that I’m kicking myself for not using them for this from the beginning.

Balance your business blogging checking account

Another thing that can be highly procrastinated in our house, I’m sure you don’t have that problem and I probably should of left it off the list though right?

Save 20-30% of your income {or more}

This is super important if you want to be prepared for tax day! Maybe you want to save less or even more. As your tax preparer for the best plan based on your family’s income situation. Paying quarterly taxes might even be smart, pending on your state.

File away paper invoices etc.

Personally I don’t do this anymore, I use strictly digital files. Something I started in 2017, to save even more time in business. If you still do the papers, file them away. If you’re like me and just want to be done with it, download the PDF or screenshot of the invoice etc, and save it to your Dropbox or Drive. You’ll be so happy you have them if you ever get audited!

Follow up on unpaid invoices

Hopefully you are able to skip this one, but sometimes it happens. Emails slip through the cracks, people take vacations, or just plain get busy and forget to pay you for the wonderful job you did. Don’t just wait for them to pay up, follow up!

Generate a monthly or quarterly profit loss statement and CELEBRATE

We can skip this part, but that’s not the point. It’s so easy to say to yourself, “okay I did that, now what’s next.” But when next month comes around and you get hit hard with the flu and get nothing done, or want to go on vacation but feel like you will get nothing done and fight with yourself if it’s a bad idea or not… You can remember what you really did get done, because you celebrated. Celebrate your victories, as them come, monthly and quarterly! You earned it!

What do you do monthly, for your blogging business?

Feeling Stressed?

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Time saving tax tips for bloggers {plus my #1 business blogging tip to keep yourself organized all year}

Running a blog business can be stressful! Today I’m sharing some time saving tax tips for bloggers. It’s very important to get it together NOW, after all you will have to file them again next year. 😉

If you are anything like me and procrastinate things you don’t ‘love,’ you know what I mean when I say it’s taken weeks to get the year’s paper work, tally’s and information ready for the accountant come tax time. I did the same thing when I sold Pampered Chef as well. Just make a pile right? Wrong! Stop doing it right now!

I started a few new habits in 2016 that made make my “tax paper work” go so much faster… And now again in 2017 take almost no time.

Keeping organized all year for bloggers

  1. At the end of the week, print, file and record any invoices and expenses from the week.  Download the PDF file of the invoice as you get it and file it in your Drive or DropBox labeled for “year-income/expense” {I also use sub-folders by month in case I need to reference}. So much easier than shuffling through all those papers. 
  2. At the end of the month, print your monthly report of income/expenses on PayPal {or whatever service you use to get paid}. Double check you have the paper and digital record of it, and clip or file the month way. I use Wave to keep my accounting straightExport PayPal, STRIPE, or what ever you use to get paid to your favorite accounting program {mine is still Wave}. Categorize and verify. 
  3. At the end of the quarter, print a quarterly income report. This will help you know if your business is really doing well or your spending too much on an unnecessary expense. Also I like to set the next quarters goals, in order to reach my yearly goal. Generate, Download and save your end of the quarter reports. 

My #1 Business Blogging Tip

As you see I’m always refining what I’m doing {literally I evaluate myself weekly, if it’s not working I get rid of it, or change it}. Without my number one blogging tip I wouldn’t be able to better things for myself {or my clients blogs’}

What do I swear by? TRACKING, and I do this daily. If its done in by business it’s tracked in some way or another. I have documents, mostly spreadsheets, for clients, leads, sales and much more. As well I use/have used several programs for tracking, time optimization and organization. Here are my favorites!!! {Some of these are affiliate/referral links, I will be compensated if you click and then sign up. I do not recommend anything I don’t personally have experience with and love. Thank you for supporting this site}.


Boomerange {for Gmail}





There are so many management and business tracking tools out there you just have to find what works for you.

Tell me what do you like to use?

How to be effective when you work at home

Time management is very important for entrepreneurs who work at home, and if you’re a blogger you ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR. It can be hard for us to get work done when surrounded by people every day. I know first hand working from home is hard first hand, but who wants to go to a J.O.B and take a pay and time cut though right?

Being focused is what’s got me to where I am today, honing in on those big goals, and breaking them into projects to take action with is key for me. Today we are talking about how to stay focused and be more efficient as a work from home blogger. This post may contain affiliate links, thanks so much for your support.

5 Tips to stay focused and be more efficient when you work at home

Have an office

If you want to run a successful blog, it is important for you to have an office. If that’s not possible, at least a space where you can get into a routine of working the plan. This will help you focus to achieve your goals and it could be a tax right off 😉

If you don’t have one make a quick brain dump of where and how you think you can set one up. Many different rooms can be converted into an office. Even a bigger closet works perfectly, personally I have mine in my living room. It works well for our family in this season of life.

Set priorities

It can be hard to stay focused when you work at home, so many distractions are within an eye shot. You therefore need to have a set list of priorities that you are chasing after and living by. Your to-do list should include tasks that will directly affect your big picture goal.

How to set priorities

  • Start thinking of your to-do list as a NEED TO LIST.
  • Emphasize everything you do around this list!
  • Lines up your priorities with your business and family values.

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Get rid of the distractions

Netflix, annoying notifications on your phone, answering the house phone, and so much more can be very distracting. I would say that this is one of the hardest things about working from home.

It can be tempting to be distracted with family calling, wanting to go shopping or do lunch {after all you are just sitting at home right}.  No I know you’re not!!! Personally I like to get up early in hopes to avoid these all together.

The number one tip for me in eliminating all the distractions has been a learned skill. I simply learned to say no and turned off all distractions PERIOD.

Start by:

  • Switch off all the dinging devices
  • Ignore the urge to check social media networks
  • Tame the email, to work related things only

How to be effective when you work at home

Establish a daily routine

Having a daily routine is one thing that will help you be efficient in all that you do {work or not}. Routines form habits and habits cause people to THRIVE!!!! Especially kids.

With a routine, I guarantee you will:

  • work more effortlessly
  • be more relaxed
  • check more things off your list
  • be more enjoyable to be around
  • sleep better
  • break underlying bad habits {like procrastination}
  • be healthier
  • and much more…

Suggestion, make a to-do list tonight before you go to bed and tell your time where to go in the morning.

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Don’t multitask

One of the temptations that people experience when they work at home is multitasking. If it helps set a timer and just concentrate on one task.

When you multitask you:

  • actually use a lot more time and energy
  • don’t focus on your goals
  • spin your wheels
  • watch weeks go by with no real progress

I know it’s hard to stay focused! Start slow and pick one of these undertakings and tackle it this week, get into a grove with it and next week take on another.

I would love to hear how you stay focused in the comments!

80+ tasks your Virtual Assistant can do for YOU!!

What does every business owner and blogger have in common? There is never enough time in the day, days in the week or months in the year. Time is the most precious gift anyone can give. Have you reached the point of having too much to do in the time you have to do it? What can you do about it? Hire a Virtual Assistant, they do more than one would think, so I thought I would share my list. Here are 80+ tasks your Virtual Assistant can do for you.

Social Media Management

Set up profiles on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Maintain social media accounts

Set up blogs

Maintain blogs

Research and ghostwrite blog posts

Coaching and Training

Create audio or online classes of training materials

Create manuals for training classes

Create PowerPoint or other presentation materials

Manage subscription lists

Send email reminders about upcoming events to client base

Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing

Create Business Cards

Create Graphics

Create Letterhead

Create Logos

Create Notecards

Creates Postcards

Design Book Covers

Tasks a Virtual Assistant can do for you

Writing Services


Arrange Book Tour

Create an e-Book Website

Edit and Proofread Various Writings

Format e-book

Locate Publishers

Manage sales of e-books

Organize content of e-book

Organize Writing Content

Proofread e-book

Publish e-book

Real Estate Support

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Confirmations

Create and Distribute Brochures

Create and Distribute Bulk Mailings

Send Birthday/Anniversary Acknowledgements {Real Cards}

Send Welcome, Congratulations  & Closing Gifts

Finance and Accounting

Act as bookkeeper

Balance checkbook

Check credit reports

Pay bills

Process PayPal transactions

Pursue collections on behalf

Event Planning

Book locations for event

Create online and paper invitations for event

Design and prepare name badges/name labels

Invite speakers

Virtual Assistant’s Care About Your Blog & Time

I know myself, pride in what I do, and look at my client’s blog as if they were my own. I come up with new I ideas and help with old ones when I see that I can. I love to see my clients making money while they are sleeping {don’t we all }. 

More than 80 tasks a Project manager can do for you