Being a successful virtual assistant and acting single parent at the same time has taught me a few things. I can’t help run my client’s blogs if I don’t first have my time manged correctly. My husband says there are three facts in his life, these things are inevitable. He says, “I’ll eat, I’ll pay taxes, and I’ll die.” Though those same things are true for me there are so many more things going on in my head to even think about them.

There are so many moving parts in my day, my clients need me to complete their projects, my son will unavoidably need food, water, play and bathroom assistant as soon as I get on the phone or start the client timer, emails need answered, editorial calendars need manged, graphics need created, newsletters needs sending, and the list goes on and on.

Nevertheless, I’m a mom, business owner and an oilfield wife everyday. I try taking a day off everyone now and then but honestly that NEVER works. My brain never shuts off!!! A perk of running a business no one told you about, right?

Being a work at home mom {WAHM} or the newest term Mompreneur, has it’s challenges. But I do feel when a routine is established and kept, things can go a bit more smoothly and the crazy is easier to calm. I want to be able to sit here and say I have amazing routines that I never fall short of, however that would be a lie. I feel like each day is different and in so many ways it is.

Today I want to share a typical day in the life of a work at home mom. Virtual Assistant / Project Manger / Website Manager / Mompreunur / Oilfield wife aka: single parent.  This post contains affiliate links. Thanks so much for your support.

7:00 am: Wake, alone time, get my barrings before the boys invade my space. This is when I’ll either relax with coffee, spend time with God, or do something I enjoy. {Sometimes I’ll go back to sleep if my son doesn’t have school, {Tuesday’s, but not often}. Routine is key. 😉

7:45 am: E’s alarm goes off and he’s up. We have breakfast do our morning routine, and get ready for school.

8:45 am: Drive E to Preschool.

9:15 am: More coffee, and either time with God or something I enjoy, {which ever I didn’t do earlier}. 

9:45 – 11:00 am: Work ON my business. {That means this site, writing training courses, attending training courses or meetings with my mastermind group etc}. Any client calls I have are schedule in this block.

11:15 am: Preschool Pick-Up

I would love an 8th day of the week, just to re-set and finish what I didn't get done when life… Click To Tweet

11:45 am: Bang my head off the wall trying to get my son to eat something besides Roman noodle and grilled cheese. He’s such a picky eater.

After lunch is chore time. For a good hour, sometimes two we clean, do laundry and “play.” My husband is jealous of that part. When I get bored or to a stopping point we move back to my office which is in the corner of my living room. {A recent change that we LOVE!} 

2:30 pm: Quite time in my office {for sure}. I take this time to plan what I should be doing, check emails, make lists for client work etc. I’ll also listen to training, attend group masterminds etc. during this time.

5:00 pm: Dinner, I would like to say Family Dinner… But we are an oilfield family, so it’s mostly me and E. This is really where the everyday is different comes in. Most of our friends can’t comprehend how we deal.

After dinner, we normally have family movie night, chill, sometimes I’ll do laundry, or house work. If I feel inspired I’ll get my Chromebook out and do some blogging or social media stuff. I try hard not to work on client work during this time.

8:00 pm: E’s in bed. I will lay with him until he’s a sleep, I know it might be a bad habit, but someday he won’t want me to do it! 🙁
Then I’ll read a book for pleasure, but sometimes it ends up being business related. My newest favorite is

9:00 pm: I’ve breathed and everyone is sound a sleep, it’s back to my office and do client work. My brain focus most at this time of the day and I can bust through the project lists quickly at this time of night. I enjoy my work and it’s a great time to be alone. When I start to get tired about 11 or 12 o’clock {reality is more like 1/2 o’clock} I go to bed. My brain perks up at night so I’ll always get an idea or two so I’ll lay in bed for at least 30-minutes drafting from my phone, or scrolling Pinterest or Facebook.

I’m glad that my good friend Keri, requested that I write this post. I love looking at my time and really evaluating what’s working and what’s not!

I feel that I should disclose that this post was written as “perfect day in the life of a Project Manager,” not to be confused with the life doesn’t always go as planned day. Because lets face it, not everyday goes according to plan. And that’s why I’m thankful that I’m a night owl that likes to get up early.

A day in the life of a work at home mom

Whether your a work-at-home or stay-at-home-mom it seems like there’s never enough time in a day. Personally, I would love an 8th day of the week, just to re-set and finish what I didn’t get done when life was happening. Since I knew that was never going to happen I’ve taken actions to try to help with my time management, it really helps that I’m running this site ;). And I love the Make Over Your Morning’s Course, I actually won it on in an Instagram Giveaway #lifechanger. If you want to check what it’s all about you can get free access of day one here {make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom}. After day one, you will want to come back and get them all 😉 I know because I took the Make Over You Evenings course too, and Crystal is the real thing! So I hope you’ll give it a chance.

I want to hear from you now!!

How do you start your day to set it up for success? Are you a night owl and an early riser? Or do you need to make a routine? Let’s chat in the comments ! 🙂

A day in the life of a work at home mom

Disclosure: I’m always tweaking and changing my daily routine, pending on my families schedule, and the needs of my business. If you need help establishing your ideal schedule email me via the form below and I would love to help! 


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