Time management is very important for entrepreneurs who work at home, and if you’re a blogger you ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR. It can be hard for us to get work done when surrounded by people every day. I know first hand working from home is hard first hand, but who wants to go to a J.O.B and take a pay and time cut though right?

Being focused is what’s got me to where I am today, honing in on those big goals, and breaking them into projects to take action with is key for me. Today we are talking about how to stay focused and be more efficient as a work from home blogger. This post may contain affiliate links, thanks so much for your support.

5 Tips to stay focused and be more efficient when you work at home

Have an office

If you want to run a successful blog, it is important for you to have an office. If that’s not possible, at least a space where you can get into a routine of working the plan. This will help you focus to achieve your goals and it could be a tax right off 😉

If you don’t have one make a quick brain dump of where and how you think you can set one up. Many different rooms can be converted into an office. Even a bigger closet works perfectly, personally I have mine in my living room. It works well for our family in this season of life.

Set priorities

It can be hard to stay focused when you work at home, so many distractions are within an eye shot. You therefore need to have a set list of priorities that you are chasing after and living by. Your to-do list should include tasks that will directly affect your big picture goal.

How to set priorities

  • Start thinking of your to-do list as a NEED TO LIST.
  • Emphasize everything you do around this list!
  • Lines up your priorities with your business and family values.

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Get rid of the distractions

Netflix, annoying notifications on your phone, answering the house phone, and so much more can be very distracting. I would say that this is one of the hardest things about working from home.

It can be tempting to be distracted with family calling, wanting to go shopping or do lunch {after all you are just sitting at home right}.  No I know you’re not!!! Personally I like to get up early in hopes to avoid these all together.

The number one tip for me in eliminating all the distractions has been a learned skill. I simply learned to say no and turned off all distractions PERIOD.

Start by:

  • Switch off all the dinging devices
  • Ignore the urge to check social media networks
  • Tame the email, to work related things only

How to be effective when you work at home

Establish a daily routine

Having a daily routine is one thing that will help you be efficient in all that you do {work or not}. Routines form habits and habits cause people to THRIVE!!!! Especially kids.

With a routine, I guarantee you will:

  • work more effortlessly
  • be more relaxed
  • check more things off your list
  • be more enjoyable to be around
  • sleep better
  • break underlying bad habits {like procrastination}
  • be healthier
  • and much more…

Suggestion, make a to-do list tonight before you go to bed and tell your time where to go in the morning.

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Don’t multitask

One of the temptations that people experience when they work at home is multitasking. If it helps set a timer and just concentrate on one task.

When you multitask you:

  • actually use a lot more time and energy
  • don’t focus on your goals
  • spin your wheels
  • watch weeks go by with no real progress

I know it’s hard to stay focused! Start slow and pick one of these undertakings and tackle it this week, get into a grove with it and next week take on another.

I would love to hear how you stay focused in the comments!