Bloggers want more page views, more comments and more opportunities to monetize their blogs. Some bloggers even share their income reports online. When I first started blogging I never knew the endless online possibilities, but I’m so glad I’m here to learn them all. Today I’m sharing the few things I’ve tried that have really increased page views tremendously. By the way this post contains affiliate links of my recommendations. Thank you for supporting this site.

How to increase page views with simple blog changes

 1. Buy a domain name.

I learned so much in those first years of blogging but once I bought a domain name everything became real. Once you have the domain you will want to get it hosted. I learned a lot in the years with this as well, and have kept going with the experiences with hosting companies for my clients. I am with MomWebs. I currently have four sites hosted through them and it’s about $9/month, because I pay quarterly 😉

What blog host should I use


2. Advertise your posts

Your readers want to be on your site, something drew them to you… Show them what else you are offering. Chances are they are going to want to read and share some of your other content. 

Where to put your posts:

  • Bottom of posts
  • Side Bar
  • Welcome or landing page
  • Bottom of another page {ie. contact, about etc.}

3. Update your header or logo.

It’s one of the first thing your reader will see, and often how they remember you.

On my old site I did this about once a year. I’m not sure if that was too often but it’s what ended up happening without planning. I make most of my own logo’s and buttons.

Increase page Views with Simple Blog Changes

 4. Add a Services Page

If you have a talent and a little extra time, make a hire me, shop, or work with me/services page on your blog. You can make it as simple or as complex as you would like.

5. Post consistently

I didn’t say constantly! If you want to gain loyal readers {and friends}, you’ll want to post consistently. If you have to post once a week for a month to start that’s great… When you have down time start working ahead and eventually work your way up to posting more each week, until you reached your end goal!

6. Post quality content

I’ve heard of some bloggers saying they post everyday to their blog and that’s great… If you are a full time blogger and really have time {or make the time}… to produce the quality content that you want to put out for your readers. BUT if you don’t, don’t just post to post…

I did this in the beginning and it’s one of my biggest regrets. I put out garbage. I’m talking rant posts and everything blah blah.. If you post left often your readers will:

  • Come to expect longer posts
  • Be really interested and engaged in what you do put out
  • Stay longer to be sure they didn’t miss anything {ok I made that one up, but it sounds good}, and could quite possibly be true.
    My bounce rate has always been low, but I really think it was because I posted less often and my posts tend to be a bit more long winded when then happens.

7. Make images a priority

Think about how you feel when you’re on Pinterest or scrolling Facebook. Do you click on the so so images {maybe you do if the title is rock star}, but for the most part the image itself has to catch your eye, right?

8. Be sure there is white space on your blog

Have you ever gone to a site and immediately felt overwhelmed? Kind of like when I walk into my kitchen after my husband has cooked a meal {God bless him for cooking though}. Too much clutter on your site will cause readers to bounce right off, so comb through your blog and see what’s really important and what’s not. Some things to consider getting rid of: twitter and Instagram feeds, your tag cloud anything that is over crowding what’s really important to your blog’s purpose. I know that’s a hard one to swallow. 

9. Take time for SEO Optimization

Trust me it’s with the extra 10 minutes per post to be sure your keyword is searched, images have the proper alternate text and sizing. Your blog will not only have a better chance to show up on Google’s radar but it will appear more professional along the way.

10. Make your posts shareable

You’ve been there… You love a post and you want to tell your friends on Facebook and you go to and there’s no easy button to do so… The dilemma of do you fight with your phone {lets face it we are mostly on our phones} to copy and paste the link, or just click away because time is precious and dinner isn’t going to cook itself.

I recommend the plug in Shareaholic it’s free and super easy to install you don’t even have to make an account to get it working on your site!

Regardless of where you are starting with your blog today you can do something to help yourself for tomorrow. Though page views are very important – remember to not obsess over the numbers, they will come, just strive to be better for yourself and don’t lose yourself.

One more thing, before you do your keyword research and stressing over what the SEO is going to look like… WRITE!! Write the post first. I promise it will be better than if you do it the other way around. {Trust me I’m a VA remember, I have clients in which I do SEO and images for all posts – they just write!}

Now I want to hear, what did I miss? What are some of your tips for increasing your page views?

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