I’m always trying to come up with ways to post more consistent content, for myself and my clients. Because consistency is key!. You’ll hear it 100K times in your blogging career! Many bloggers {including me}, struggle with this. Why? Stuff life happens, and there is no way of predicting what exactly life is going to throw at you next Tuesday at 12:30. Still, it’s important to post consistent content often.

What NOT to do

I’m the type of person that gets ideas for blog posts at the weirdest times, in the shower and folding laundry seem to be the two most popular. Before I had my systems in place, when I would get an idea, I would always stop what I was doing and grab my phone or the laptop and start a draft. I didn’t title it, I didn’t categorize it and I didn’t tag it.

Or I would write it on a scrap piece of paper and add it to a pile on my desk. Which is basically the same thing looking back. You want to keep your best ideas at the forefront of your mind.

That’s what you DON’T want to do…

Here are 5 things I recommend doing to post more consistent content to your blog

  1. Develop your editorial calendar system
  2. Trick your mind
  3. Let go of perfection
  4. Don’t force it
  5. Use a task manager

How to post more Consistent Content to your blog without losing your mind

Develop your editorial calendar system

Whatever it might be, you need some kind of “trick” that works for you. When you get an idea it needs to go onto a calendar, you know what they say if it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t get done. For me, when I have an idea but no idea where to put it, I just add to the calendar for in two weeks. So in two weeks it’s there saying hey remember me, I need a home!

Trick your mind

I’m a natural born procrastinator so humor me for a second. As a procrastinator, I tend to wait until the last second to finish a post or schedule social media {especailly social media}, I’m sure you know this if you follow me on Facebook. So on Sunday night when I’m too tired to write the Monday morning post it gets pushed or worse it doesn’t  happen at all.

Let go of perfection

I’m preaching to myself here! Chances are your readers, sponsors and friends will never notice the mistakes and flaws that you think are in your images and posts. Putting up quality content is very important so don’t just throw any old thing. Share something of value, but don’t obsess!


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Don’t force it

If you aren’t feeling a post, don’t force it. Maybe you aren’t meant to write at that time, or maybe that topic isn’t as important as you once thought. Skip it {for now}! Whatever you don’t won’t just stare at a blank page on the screen that gets us nowhere fast. Do something! Even if you just clear your email, connect with readers and then switch the laundry and try again. 🙂

Use a task manager

When you get an idea start a draft {like I did with this one} but don’t just save it… Categorize it, tag it, put it on the editorial calendar for a month you have in mind, or if you don’t have one in mind just use the two-week system I use… it’s less likely to get lost in the never to be seen again draft space on your dashboard!!

Tell me what are your favorite wants to be sure you are posting consistent content to your blog?