You are in for a treat today! We are going to cover: how to save 5+ hours on Social Media, I’m sharing 10 Pinterest Group Boards that you can pin just about anything to & I have created an Optimizing for Pinterest Guide {it’s an exclusive}, so don’t miss getting it.

I know I’ve been asked how do you save time on social media? 100 times already this year, and the answers not simple so I thought I would have a little mini training right here on the blog! First of all I hate wasting time, so I want to be sure that this post is going to really help you. If you:

  • pay for a service and don’t use it
  • find yourself scheduling social media when you should be spending time with your family
  • don’t have a schedule or system as to when you should be doing what for social media
  • feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it sticks when you schedule your social media 🙁
Your Ultimate Guide for Optimizing for Pinterest Traffic

What you need to know:

You will need to create accounts for the following platforms. Don’t worry most are free and I don’t recommend paying for anything you don’t use… So if it’s not for you bounce 😉

What you need to do:

  • Create a blog index
  • Create your system {your colors, fonts, or tricks that you’ll associate with each platform} for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
    PS: I recommend starting with TWO platforms, manage them well and then move on to adding more if you think you can sustain them all long term!
  • Decide if you are going to use a task manager or paper calendar

Make the most of your time:

Grab the Ultimate Guide for Optimizing for Pinterest


  • Never let your queue run empty
  • Shuffle your queue
  • Take 2 minutes and use the Tribes {really it helps increase traffic}
  • Pin in batches
    • Pin ONE pin 6 – 10 times, add boards using board lists
    • Then, use the INTERVALS!!!
    • That pin will go out every day for the next “X” days.   I’ve been able to schedule ONE post out for 6 months!
      That’s 6 whole months you don’t have to worry about promoting that post on Pinterest.
  • Don’t forget to add your pin link to Asana {or write it down} to re-pin when the time comes that that pin will be running out of days 🙂 
  • Be sure to install the extention to use for quick batch re-pinning as well


  • Create a project JUST FOR SOCIAL MEDIA
  • Choose your layout
    • List – if you are a ‘list’ person
    • Board – if you are a ‘visual’ person {recommended} 
  • If you happened to pick board you will need to create columns.
    • These are mine:
      • Facebook
      • Pinterest
      • Tailwind {INTERVALS}
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • Misc.
  • Begin adding REPEATING TASKS
    Consistency is KEY when it comes to social media. So even if you are only able to do a few things for each tasks at least you are working TOWARDS your social media goals Here’s a screen shot of mine!
    How to use Asana to help you schedule social media.

Post Planner

  • With Post Planner you can {pending on the plan you pick}:
    • Add 10-50 profiles to post to automatically
    • Post between 100 & 500 posts per day
    • Have several repeating and scheduled posts for each social profile.
    • Post to more than one account at the same time
    • Create profile lists for repeated use
  • Once you’ve got your account
    • Connect it to all your social media accounts
    • Plan your posts. For example: Images at 3 pm, links at 5 pm, and so forth!!!!
    • Look for content and schedule
    • Finally shuffle your posts
  • Mark in Asana or on your paper planner when you need to come back and do more!!!

Board Booster

  • Sign up for a free trial
  • After that you can go with $5.00 / month { you can’t beat it }
  • Set it once and be done… As you pin from Pinterest OR Tailwind, your pins will continue to post!
  • Save time by looping your pins
  • Create a random or schedule campaign. This will pull pins and pin them to other boards in intervals.
  • Use the Pin Doctor to clean up your pins and boards quickly!How to save time on social media + group boards you can pin practically anything on

Later {or LaterGram}

  • Sign up using your Instagram Account
  • Upload Images
  • Schedule them on the calendar with captions
  • Allow notifications to come to your phone
    • When it’s time Later will notify you
  • Simply paste the caption in and push publish!!


  • Sharing with Buffer can be fast if you install the extension on your phone or internet browser
  •  Sign up and add your social accounts {you can schedule several posts for free}
  • Create a custom schedule for each platform, you can even change them for each day so if you want to be more or less active on the weekends for example, you can!
  • Be sure to plan using the content calendar
  • Check the analytics of what you’ve already posted
  • Re-Buffer your old posts
  • Make lists in the content inbox for sharing other people’s content. Super fast stuff here!

Grab the Ultimate Guide for Optimizing for Pinterest

Regardless if you grab all six of these time saving tips and tools or just one, saving time on social media is a bloggers best friend. Short of hiring a social media manager it’s the only way to stay sane. Am I right?

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