SEO Optimization & Inspection

As a blogger, writer and entrepreneur, it’s hard to be on the back end of your website and blog. But still it’s one of the most important things you can do for your site. Did you know that not having a healthy SEO profile or a negative, non-existent one is detrimental for your site. Here are some frequently asked SEO questions to help you clear things up.

SEO Optimization

How can I be sure my blog is going to be successful?

The short answer? Your can’t. But there are so many steps you can take to help your blog succeed. Blog indexing & engagement  is only a part. Another popular service here is SEO Inspection. 

What is SEO Inspection?

Often times when our blog is new or we’re in a hurry. We forget to plug in or check our posts for SEO quality. My job as your SEO Inspector is to go back with a fine tooth comb and be sure you blog is complete in the following areas:

  • Focus keyword
  • Proper snippet preview {with keyword included}
  • Header: with keyword
  • Categories/Tags
  • URL with keyword
  • Images
    • Watermarked with your brand
    • Alt Tages and Meta description
    • Proper Sizes
    • Feature Image & Social Share Images plugged in
  • Call to Action
  • No Broken Links
  • And much more {all those little details that need checked} 

Are you ready to get  your blog running in tip top shape, on the front end and the back?

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