Blogging can be a very time costly. It’s definitely more than just writing a great post and pushing publish. So much goes into the background of running a successful online enterprise. There’s social media management, graphic designing, email management, talking with other bloggers and brands. Not to mention branding yourself. Today I’m sharing some time management tips and tools for bloggers. Affiliate links may be present, thanks for your support!

Break Up Social Media Scheduling Marathons

Facebook alone can take hours to schedule. Not to mentions if you are active on more then one platform. This isn’t even including Periscope & Facebook Live which can’t {nor would you want to schedule it ahead of time}. Don’t think of social media as a whole, start today and look at each platform as it’s own time block. I recommend setting aside 30 minutes/platform the day you choose to schedule it out. For example, do Facebook using Post Planner on Monday’s, Pinterest using Tailwind on Thursdays, and Twitter using Post Planner or TweetDeck on Monday’s.

Know your tasks before you start

Blogging is a boundless field, in the terms that you will never be done. I’m always telling my husband and family, I could work all month, not sleep and still not be done with the blogging tasks I would like to do. Not to mention my client blog’s tasks. I have several tools that I use to store my ideas and keep my time. without these tracking tools my office, brain and blog would look like a stack of loose papers chasing sticky notes all over the place. Here are a few examples.

Google Calendar

You can create new calendars for different parts of life, personally I currently have 14. I know it sounds like a lot but each area of my life has it’s own calendar. It helps me see who, where and what I need to do based on a color coded system.

Time management for bloggers


I use this solely for blog post & marketing ideas. When I’m out of ideas a need to draft a post I know I can go into my trello and get re-inspired with that idea that came to me while shopping a few months ago. This has worked best for me. I’ve heard other Virtual Assistants/Bloggers say they’s mastered it as a task manager.

I recommend checking it out if you are an online professional. Period. There’s a mobile app fro it too! It’s free forever, unless you want to hook it to some really cool other tools, then the price goes up, but it’s probably worth it! Time management tips for bloggers

Google Keep

Much like trello, but stored on your google account.


You can use Teamwork, with a team or without, I even share some of my lists with clients! It can be used with your mobile phone too, which is great for ideas of tasks on the run.  I’ve recently started utilizing the notebook feature, where I keep all my brain and notes for each project I’m working on. No more searching my inbox with no luck and wasting my time getting flustered with not knowing where I put that sticky note with color and contact form code.

Which brings us to the most important time management tip.

Track your time

Without tracking you will not know where to start or what you’ve done, if you are like me and 95.5% of the rest of the world, it’s fairly easy to get distracted. Simple things like jumping on Facebook to look for that link you found earlier can turn into 45 minutes of scrolling through and talking to your friends, {no shame everyone does it}.

As a Virtual Assistant I use Freshbooks to track all my clients paid hours. I recommend this for any freelance writer or blogger that runs more than one business blog. Before finding it I swear I spend a few hours a week just tracking to be sure I worked enough in that week. Literally every time someone purchases a new package, I simply go and create a project for that package, then the time I track on that project is taken from that package. Here’s a screen shot of how simple it is to see where each client stands.


As you see I bill most of my clients ahead of time 😉

I also let the program Rescue Time run in the background, at the end of the day I check it or just look at the weekly report it emails me. Seriously if my productivity score isn’t above 50 I get upset with myself. It’s almost like creating a challenge with yourself. Check it out and let me know what you think!

No matter how you look at your day with blogging, running a business, and I hope you see these two things as one in the same sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day. In which case, I recommend hiring a Virtual Assistant.

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