Running a blog business can be stressful! Today I’m sharing some time saving tax tips for bloggers. It’s very important to get it together NOW, after all you will have to file them again next year. 😉

If you are anything like me and procrastinate things you don’t ‘love,’ you know what I mean when I say it’s taken weeks to get the year’s paper work, tally’s and information ready for the accountant come tax time. I did the same thing when I sold Pampered Chef as well. Just make a pile right? Wrong! Stop doing it right now!

I started a few new habits in 2016 that made make my “tax paper work” go so much faster… And now again in 2017 take almost no time.

Keeping organized all year for bloggers

  1. At the end of the week, print, file and record any invoices and expenses from the week.  Download the PDF file of the invoice as you get it and file it in your Drive or DropBox labeled for “year-income/expense” {I also use sub-folders by month in case I need to reference}. So much easier than shuffling through all those papers. 
  2. At the end of the month, print your monthly report of income/expenses on PayPal {or whatever service you use to get paid}. Double check you have the paper and digital record of it, and clip or file the month way. I use Wave to keep my accounting straightExport PayPal, STRIPE, or what ever you use to get paid to your favorite accounting program {mine is still Wave}. Categorize and verify. 
  3. At the end of the quarter, print a quarterly income report. This will help you know if your business is really doing well or your spending too much on an unnecessary expense. Also I like to set the next quarters goals, in order to reach my yearly goal. Generate, Download and save your end of the quarter reports. 

My #1 Business Blogging Tip

As you see I’m always refining what I’m doing {literally I evaluate myself weekly, if it’s not working I get rid of it, or change it}. Without my number one blogging tip I wouldn’t be able to better things for myself {or my clients blogs’}

What do I swear by? TRACKING, and I do this daily. If its done in by business it’s tracked in some way or another. I have documents, mostly spreadsheets, for clients, leads, sales and much more. As well I use/have used several programs for tracking, time optimization and organization. Here are my favorites!!! {Some of these are affiliate/referral links, I will be compensated if you click and then sign up. I do not recommend anything I don’t personally have experience with and love. Thank you for supporting this site}.


Boomerange {for Gmail}





There are so many management and business tracking tools out there you just have to find what works for you.

Tell me what do you like to use?